The guided step-by-step process for exploring yourself and coaching others.

Veda Drama

Warm Up

The warm-up identifies the theme and a protagonist.

Veda Drama


The action dramatizes the problem and enables the protagonist to explore new methods of resolving it.

Veda Drama


The sharing allows group members to express their connection with the protagonist's work.


We synergize Indian tradition and values of psychodrama to elevate, empower,
and transform your mind, body, and soul through an experiential journey.


Our modules deliver apt understanding of team roles and key dynamics. Use them creatively to design your solutions.

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We believe that a true leader isn’t born. It is a state of consciousness you can cultivate through coaching.

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You want it all? Go for Trainers Training at Bengaluru, Delhi, Coimbatore or Hamburg (42 days over 2 years).

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You want to Jump In? Just have two days of fun, learning and first hand experience.

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Prof. Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel
Vedadrama India Private Limited,
  • PhD in theology / religious studies
  • Counselor/Coach DGSv
  • Director of Psychodrama DFP IAGP
  • CEO Vedadrama India Private Limited and CEO
  • Works in India since 1985 in social field and teaching
  • Conducts psychodrama training in Bengaluru, Coimbatore and New Delhi.
Savita Dhawan
Director of Psychodrama TEB/NBBE

Director of Training

  • Diploma in Psychology
  • Psychotherapist
  • Director of Psychodrama TEP/NBE
  • CEO
  • worked in India as psychodrama teacher since 1996
  • conducts workshops, supervision and theory seminars since 2016
Klaus Ernst Harter
Director of a rehabilitation center for drug addicts
  • Expert of German National Addiction Programs
  • Chairman of Addiction Treatment Centre
  • Director and International Coordinator for Psychodrama Education in Russia and India of the Moreno Institute for Sociometry
  • Psychodrama and Grouppsychotherapy in Germany,
  • Course Director & Supervisor For Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. And India Head (certification, quality control)


The journey of thoughts through words.

Psychodrama Training group started at Coimbatore
In Feb. 2019 the first all Indian trainers formal Psychodrama Training group started at Coimbatore. This group had successful meetings to learn Psychodrama in April, August and October and will meet a conclude their “Psychodrama Leadership Programm” in Dec. 2019. Most will continue in 2020. New participants can join. The program is organized by ASHA CHILD, Coimbatore and supported by Vedadrama India. See the participants with their Trainer Madhu Shukla PAT (Practitioner and Trainer, first row middle), Bangalore and Raguraman K, CPP (550 hours; to the right), from Coimbatore.
Training at nift with staff and guests
The Director of NIFT New Delhi asked Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel to interact with the staff of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) to improve the educational and counselling skills. Apart from Professors of NIFT some staff of other universities and a group of coaches from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and even Doha attended. The 20 participants of this weekend course (Friday / Saturday) got a great introduction into Psychodrama and Sociometry and its application in Teaching and they had fun. Next to trainer Dr. Becker-Ebel (first row center) are Ms. Rashmi Datt (Co-trainer, PAT, to his left) and as well Dr. Sunita Chugh (Co-Trainer to his right), who is a teacher at NIFT too.
Coimbatore exam Feb. 2019
From 2015 to 2018 a group of 14 participants from Coimbatore studied Psychodrama. The course had a duration of 550 training hours. Mr. Klaus Harter took the exam in Dec. 2018 After attending a final theory class in Feb. 2019 with Dr. Karen Drucker TEP and Dr. Steven Durost, both TSM Trainers in Traumatherapy Nine participants received their certificates jointly issued by MIEÜ, Asha CHILD and Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. Among the certified participants if Mr. Raguraman, the new co-trainer of the second Coimbatore group. On the picture is Saru, the founder of Asha CHILD, Dr. Jochen, the founder of Vedadrama and the two American trainers chasing out the balance of exam fear in the room, while the participants smiling.