Psychodrama Practitioner Course Hamburg since 2008

In Hamburg Prof. Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel conducted so far 3 batches of Psychodrama education: 2008-2010 (with isi and MIÜ later MIGÜ) and 2016-2018 (with MIEÜ and PIB) and 2017-2019 (with MIEÜ and PIB).

The new group 4 2019-2021 started in January 2019. All details are on the new homepage of There is some information given in English too.

The course is an accredited Medical Council of Hamburg. It is four times four days course in 2019 and twice 4 days in 2020. The certificate after one year is: Psychodrama Leadership Practitioner” and after four years: “Psychodrama Director CP”.

For Registrations & Queries – 00494099994658;

The new English Medium Summer academy will start in 2022 with international guests.

2021 (Group 6)

  • Modul 1/2021: Spring 2020 (Ms Savita Dhawan TEP and Marion Stopl TEP)