IAC meeting: Dr Jochen got elected to the Board
At Moncton, New Braunswig, Canada the International Association for Counselling held the annual meeting together with the Canadian association for Counselling CCPA. Dr Jochen was elected as to the board of IAC and got a free annual membership of CCPA.
Jochen at asgpp
Dr Jochen Becker-Ebel presented a workshop on Advaita and Psychodrama at the ASGPP Conference 2019.
Vedadrama at NYU
Adj. Prof. Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel with Ass. Prof. Nisha Sajnani, Associate Professor and Director, Drama Therapy Program at New York University teaching. Dr Jochen will teach there in April 2020. NYU was the University Dr J L Moreno was teaching some 80 year back.
Dr Jochen at the original Moreno stage
Adj. Prof Dr Jochen Becker-Ebel visited the Original Moreno stage at the Hudson valley institute in May 2019.
Dr Jochen at TSM International at Dr Stevens house
Adj. Prof Dr Jochen Becker-Ebel met Dr Kate Hudgins and the full TSM staff at the house of Dr Steven Durost near Manchester, NH, USA. Steven and Karen Drucker will teach at Delhi and Bangalore in Feb. 2020 the TSM Modell of psychodrama Trauma-Therapy.
Vedadrama Education IAC accredited
Great news for the new year: IAC acrdited the Executive Education programms of Vedadrama India in Humanistic Psychodrama. IAC is the international umbrella organisation for therapy, counselling and coaching.
18 participants from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Bejing, Delhi, Bangalore, Mangalore and Europe participated at the first University certificate course in Psychodrama from Dec. 6th to 9th 2018 at Mangalore. Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel, Adjunct Professor for Psychodrama conducted the course together with Ms. Chaitali Shetty from Doha (front row centre) and Ms. Haseena Abdullah from Manipal (to her left)        
Preparation meet at Doha for the first psychodrama Training: Feb 2nd and 3rd 2018    
Coimbatore Group Meets~Trainers Batch
The colorful Coimbatore group meets for the fifth time for two days. The two year program will follow now. Sorry. No places are free.
Delhi/Gurgaon Group Commences
The new Group at New Delhi/Gurgaon started with 25 participants. Most of them decided to go for a two years journey which will start in July 2017. Places on a waiting list are still free.
Leadership Certifications in Chennai Batch
Three participants got the leadership (one year) certification in Psychodrama at Chennai: Dr Mohan, Jayashree and Anandh.
CPP certificate
Three participants got CPP certificate (2.5 years)  in the first Bengaluru group: Aruna, Sudha, Madhu.
Certification day at Hamburg for Andreas with Helmut Schwehm and Jochen Becker-Ebel
CPP certificate
Mr AK Saravanan got his CPP certificate through Klaus Ernst Harter and Jochen Becker-Ebel