Psychodrama Workshop

Psychodrama - Doha

After the workshops in Dec. 2017, and Feb. 2018 there will be more workshops in Oct. 2019. Pls send a mail to register.


Psychodrama - Delhi

New Delhi – Gurgaon Psychodrama Group 2019- 2021 (second batch)

Aug 2019

a new group at Gurgaon will start with Rashmi Datt und her team (Mrs. Savita Dhawan TEP and other Trainers from germany and US). Pls secure a place by writing a mail to us or using the contact. The first session will be from August 1st to 4th 2019. There will be three more events in Oct. 2019 (dates still open), Dec. 2019, 19th to 22nd, and Feb. 2020. The 16 days in one year will attract a certificate “Psychodrama Leadership Pratitioner”.  The fee per day is 5.000 INR.If paid in advance for the full 16 days the fee will be 60.000 INR only.


New Dehli Psychodrama Group 2017 to 2019 (first batch)

The group has started and has 14 members . Our venue is a suite in the new Andaz Hotel at Aerocity.

Our next date is:

January 31th (Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm) at Andaz and February 2019 1st and 2nd  (Friday and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm) at NIFT, New Delhi

The course fee is 4.000 INR per day (excluding lunch, which is a la carte)


Join the  the Trauma Therapy group at Bangalore in Feb. 15th to 17th 2019

Next dates:

April, 18thto 21st (Thursday, Good Friday to Sunday) “Theory”, Place: at Rashmi`s at Gurgaon

August, 22nd to 25th (Thursday to Sunday) at ANDAZ

October, 10th to 13th (Thursday to Sunday) at ANDAZ


December, 19th to 22nd (Thursday to Sunday) with Dorothea “Playback”


Psychodrama - Bangalore

Psychodrama Basic Course at Bangalore 2019-2021 (batch no 6)

We will start at new batch at our Vedadrama India Training centre. Trainer will be Ms. Madhu Shukla and her team (Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel, Savita Dhawan assited by Dr. Falko von Ameln and Dorothea Erl). Start will be on August 15th to 19th 2018. Pls send a mail or use the contact form, of you want to register.

You can take a one year period or more, as per your wish. The fees will be 5.000 INR per Day and the duration on the first year: 16 days. Early bird / full payment attracts 20 % discount (only 60.000 INR for all days).

Psychodrama Basic Course at Bangalore 2017-2019 (batch no 4/5)

Here are the dates of the running group with some 18 members (Trainer: JOchen, Co-trainer: Madhu)

February, 22nd to 24th (Friday to Sunday) and February, 25th (Monday): Optional: Supervision/exam preparation

August 15th to 18th (Thursday to Sunday)

October, 17th to 20th (Thursday to Sunday)

December, 12th to 15th (Thursday to Sunday) with special guest Dorothea Erl on “Playback”


February, 15th to 17th Friday to Sunday) with Steven Durost (Theory on Trauma)


Psychodrama Advanced Course at Bangalore 2015/16 – 2019 (batch no 1/2)

Here are the dates of the advanced group with 18 members:

February, 15th to 17th (Friday to Sunday) with Steven Durost (Theory on Trauma)

February, 25th (Monday): Optional: Supervision / exam preparation with Jochen

April, 25th to 28th (Thursday to Sunday) Supervision (and preparation for exam) with Savita

August, 8th to 11th (Thursday to Sunday) Exam with Savita, Klaus, Jochen and others

Psychodrama Open Theory Seminar

You want to get some input on Psychodrama and just want to participate one time? We have open thery seminars. Prereuisite: You are a trained counsellor/Psychotherapist wit at least 3 years of own work experience:

February, 15th to 17th (Friday to Sunday) with Dr. Steven Durost (Theory on Trauma). Cost: 15.000 INR.

Psychodrama - MUMBAI

After the workshops in Feb. 2017 and Feb. 2018 there will be new workshops only by end of 2019. Pls send a mail to register.


Psychodrama - Coimbatore

Coimbatore Psychodrama Group for 2019-2020 (second annual batch)

ASHA Child and Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. with the support of the PIB-Zentrum Germany will conduct a new group at Coimbatore. The trainer Madhu Shukla, her co-trainer K. Raguraman  and her international co-team (Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel, Savita Dhawan, Dr. Falko von Ameln and Dorothea Erl) will conduct 12 seminars of 3 days duration each (Monday to Wednesday, 9 am to 5 pm). Pls register by sending a mail to ceo @ vedadrama. com.

These are the dates:

February, 18th to 20th, assistant trainer: Jochen on one day.

April, 22nd to 24th, assistant trainer: Savita Dhawan on 23rd and 24th.

August, 5th to 7th, assistant trainer: Savita Dhawan on 6th and 7th

October, (after 13th  – dates still to come)

December, 9th to 11th – assistant trainer: Dorothea Erl (on playback topic)

The five events will be certified with “Psychodrama Ledership Practitioner” (20 credits). If the group likes to continue (after 100 credits or group sessions, theory, supervision and own practice) yu can get certified as “Psychodrama Director CP”.


Coimbatore Open Theory seminar on Trauma Therapy

You can register for the open Trauma Therapy Seminar of Dr. Steven Durost on Feb. 18th to 21st. Cost: 20.000 INR (if paid in advance or within any annual group: 16.000 INR).


Psychodrama - CHENNAI

Executive Education in Humanaistic Psychodrama will start in 2020

Pls register here, if you want to attend.


Third Expressive Arts International seminar Jan. 2019

On January 29th and 30th there will be an international seminar with Ms. Hasena Abdullah from amnipal as one of the trainers. Ms. Haseena is cotrainer of Dr. Jochen at Mangalore. Pls send a mail for more information.



Psychodrama - Hamburg

Psychodrama Practitioner Course Hamburg since 2008

In Hamburg Prof. Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel conducted so far 3 batches of Psychodrama education: 2008-2010 (with isi and MIÜ later MIGÜ) and 2016-2018 (with MIEÜ and PIB) and 2017-2019 (with MIEÜ and PIB). The new group 2019-2021 will start in January 2019. All details are on the new hompeage of There are some information given in Englisch too.

The course is certifed by IAC-IRT and the Medical Council of Hamburg. It is a four times four days course. The certficate after one year is: Psychodrama Leadership Practitioner” and after four years: “Psychodrama Director CP”.

For Registrations & Queries – 00494099994658;

The new English Medium Summer academy will start in May 2020 with international guests.