Prof. Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel
Vedadrama India Private Limited,
  • PhD in theology / religious studies
  • Counselor/Coach DGSv
  • Director of Psychodrama DFP IAGP
  • CEO Vedadrama India Private Limited and CEO
  • Works in India since 1985 in social field and teaching
  • Conducts psychodrama training in Bengaluru, Coimbatore and New Delhi.
Savita Dhawan
Director of Psychodrama TEB/NBBE

Director of Training

  • Diploma in Psychology
  • Psychotherapist
  • Director of Psychodrama TEP/NBE
  • CEO
  • worked in India as psychodrama teacher since 1996
  • conducts workshops, supervision and theory seminars since 2016
Klaus Ernst Harter
Director of a rehabilitation center for drug addicts
  • Expert of German National Addiction Programs
  • Chairman of Addiction Treatment Centre
  • Director and International Coordinator for Psychodrama Education in Russia and India of the Moreno Institute for Sociometry
  • Psychodrama and Grouppsychotherapy in Germany,
  • Course Director & Supervisor For Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. And India Head (certification, quality control)


The journey of thoughts through words.

Psychodrama at Doha
We are a learning group with three psychodrama trainees (Shaheen, Jinesh and me, Kabeer) and one certified Psychodrama Director ( Ms. Chaitali Shetty CP ) in Qatar. We meet once in every month with an average participation of 10 members. We met at Inspire Training Academy on January 30th where we applied psychodrama (protagonist play) for personal work. Ms. Chaitali Shetty CP led the process. Guests are welcome.
Psychodrama Training group started at Beijing, China
28th & 29th March 2020 (9 a.m. to 5 pm) Beijing, China This workshop is particularly useful for coaches, counsellors, psychologist, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals as well as HR managers and senior leaders from non-clinical settings as education, business and professional training and offers a unique and creative way to explore and solve personal conflicts through ‘spontaneity creativity’- an invitation to enable past, present and future life events through enactment rather than talking. For More Information, Download PDF
Psychodrama Training group started at Coimbatore
In Feb. 2019 the first all Indian trainers formal Psychodrama Training group started at Coimbatore. This group had successful meetings to learn Psychodrama in April, August and October and will meet a conclude their “Psychodrama Leadership Programm” in Dec. 2019. Most will continue in 2020. New participants can join. The program is organized by ASHA CHILD, Coimbatore and supported by Vedadrama India. See the participants with their Trainer Madhu Shukla PAT (Practitioner and Trainer, first row middle), Bangalore and Raguraman K, CPP (550 hours; to the right), from Coimbatore.